Polymer Clay Octopus


I really enjoy making random charms with polymer clay. In my opinion, Sculpey works best for actually forming more complex pieces as opposed to Fimo, which I like for canes, beads, and pendants.

I used a moss green colored clay and grey blend to make the color.

To make the head I rolled a grape sized ball of clay into a cone shape. Rolling the ball at a slight angle with a piece of sheet metal or glass gives the octopus head its shape. The bottom should be concave to allow for room for the legs to be attached. Apply a small amount of pressure to the top and bottom of the head with your thumb and first finger.

To make the legs I rolled a almond sized ball of clay into a long, thin cylinder. I would coil a leg one way then cut it the tenth I wanted. Repeat until you have as many legs as you want. Mine looked best with five.

Its a good idea to arrange and rearrange the legs before you glue. Just be careful, they are very delicate. I glued mine with a polymer clay super glue. Gently apply the glue on the tip of the leg and press it against the head.

Bake at the appropriate time and temperature, and you have your own octopus! Don’t forget to seal with a varnish especially made for polymer clay.

You can use different tools to make eyes and smooshed balls of clay to make oval spots on its head. Try making legs in different positions. I saw a cool photo of an octopus hanging from a post that I’m going to try. Post that later…


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