Herringbone Wire Wrapped Ring

Herringbone Wire Wrapped Ring

This complicated looking ring uses the herringbone weave, which is actually suprisingly simple. It’s pretty much “over and around.”

   To start out you’ll need:

  • 1″ 18 gauge wire
  • 12″ 24 gauge wire
  • 9mm round bead
  • Flush cutters
  • Solder setup
  • Metal File

Wire Ring Base

Begin with enough wire to overlap whatever size you want your ring to be (make ring 2 sizes larger than intended finish size to accommodate for the weave). I used 18 gauge silver square wire as my base.

Herringbone ring base with bead

Slide your bead on the wire. I used a 9mm glass bead. Cut the wire ends flush against eachother and file.

Solder Setup

Solder set upSolder the edges of the wire. I used a rosin core flux so I just cut off a tiny piece of solder, wedged it between the wire edges and heated up the wire with my iron. This also may be completed using a torch.Coil wire on one side of the bead.

Coil wire on one side of the bead

Use a small gauge wire (I used 26 gauge sterling silver wire). I used about a foot of this in the next few steps. Wrap around the solder join until you have a coil around the wire about 1/4″. Repeat on the other side of the bead.

Begin herringbone weave

Take another piece of small gauge wire and begin to wrap it around the coil just like in the previous step.

Begin Herringbone Wrap

 Bring the long tail of the wire around and make an overhand wrap around the other side of the bead.

And done!

Continue this wrap until you have reached the ends of the coils. Wrap the tail of the wire around the base of the ring a couple times to hold it in place.

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