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Bottle Cap Bezels




I loved making these resin casts. I used bottle caps as bezels. Some I drilled holes in to make a pendant and others I used as a cabochon. I wrapped square wire around the edge side down the back and up the top edge to hold it in place.

 I took texturized cardstock and adhesive ribbon to make different designs. I sealed it with Triple Thick.

The Remember pendant is made from the cardstock, ribbon, and pillow sticker. I sealed the cardstock and poured polyester resin to make the first layer. The second resin layer is the ‘remember’ sticker. The last layer is Magic-Glos, an epoxy resin. Magic-Glos is a self-leveling resin so it bubbles over the rim a little bit but doesn’t spill over the top. It dries in the sunlight or under a UV light in about 15 minutes.

The Sweet pendant is made with cardstock and ribbon for the first layer. A couple of rhinestones and a sticker were used for the second layer. The last layer is just the epoxy resin again.

The Clock pendant is just the cardstock as the first layer, watch face and parts as the next and epoxy resin on top.

You can do so many cool things with resin and bottle caps. Try layering with paper, stamps, word or letter stickers, fabric, rhinestones… Seriously. Anything. Just make sure to seal porous surfaces before pouring the resin!